Considering Positive Energy as an Art Medium

Radical Actions, March, 2016

“In recent years, I have worked with the idea of cultivating positive energy as an art medium. I have meditated alone and have organized group meditation events, both with the purpose of cultivating positive energy and moving further away from a reliance on physical materials to create art. Continuing in the tradition of Conceptual Art, cultivating positive energy as an art medium is a logical progression in non-object based art making.

I remember being introduced to Conceptual art as a student. I was awed by the possibility that ideas could stand alone as artworks. That seemed to me the ultimate form of creative freedom, and, built into this supremely economical form of artistic expression was the potential for sublime elegance. Stripped of excess, Conceptual art works could act as markers, points of departure, inviting viewers to join in thought and collective experience. For me, as a young artist, it was exciting to read about the Conceptualists’ different ways of understanding materiality, experience, and relationships.”

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