LA Wood Show

Curated by China Adams
Tom Allen, Annie Buckley, Jason David, Michael Lewis Dodge, Renée Fox, Jeanne Friscia, Oona Gardner, Sherin Guirguis, Doug Harvey, Seonna Hong, Constance Mallinson, David McDonald, Michael Oliveri, Jared Pankin, William Ransom, Ross Rudel, Shawn Smith, Coleen Sterritt, Mary Warner, Joan Weinzettle, Joan Wulf, Almond Zigmund and China Adams

Presented by ARENA 1 Gallery. Artist China Adams’ curatorial project brings together a group of artists whose work in sculpture, installation, painting, photography, and collage collectively present a vision of wood as a uniquely democratic medium.

The LA Wood Show was conceived to examine the way in which wood affords a particular kind of creative freedom. Unlike, metals and plastics which often require assistants and expensive production costs, wood can be manipulated directly by the artist and provides a means for working directly and affordably, which for young and emerging artists is often essential. To the degree that this unique, even romantic relationship exists between artists and wood, the LA Wood Show also aims to examine ways in which artists have paid it homage. In large part, this notion of homage is addressed in the 2-dimensional works in the show that present diverse interpretations of wood as worthy subject.