Black Ball Projects

Feb. 9 – Mar. 16, 2017

featuring works by:

Alejandro Diaz
China Adams
Hannah Rose Dumes
Palma Blank
Scott Hug
Shoshanna Weinberger

Black Ball Projects is pleased to present Pre, an exhibition of six artists whose work was made before the election of Donald Trump, and indeed before our current reality was even imaginable. Pre-election, Pre-Trump, Pre-_____. Made from 2004 to 2016, these works vary from the politically engaged to the purely abstract.

Pre places a present-day, or “post-election” lens over these works. The effect is to highlight how art is not static but dynamic and will forever be subject to the simultaneity of two worlds—the time in which the work was created and the present moment. This dual context can serve as a portal to gaze upon where we’ve been and where we are now. As far as where we’ll land? Who the fuck knows.

Pre is the first of two consecutive shows at Black Ball Projects in response to the election.

Our following show opening in late March, will focus on the democratic process made visible by protest. Aside from the bodies themselves, nothing encapsulates this spirit of political engagement more vividly than the countless protest signs, often hand-made, always aesthetically specific, and espousing direct points of view. We’ll be asking for signs—those who have them and those who would like to make one. Stay tuned.
Black Ball Projects is not a political or activist gallery, but we value aesthetics and art that are a direct result of human experience. The election was undoubtedly a shared experience that will take years to grapple with. Therefore, like the works in Pre it will be impossible to not view art and aesthetics, at least partially, through the lens of 2017 onward.